A Royal Re-looking at the Prince de Galles in Paris / Hotels

The iconic art deco hotel opened in 1929 gets a royal re-looking with an outstanding restoration that combines the artistry of the art deco period with the modernity of its minimalist decor A legend in its own right, the Prince de Galles was created to house its name sake on his annual visits to Paris.  […]

A Star Studded Red Carpet Event / Cannes Film Festival 2013

Hollywood hovers over the red carpet in Cannes this year, as the spotlight shines on Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, the perfect cinematic couple, and star director Steven Spielberg, as he takes on the role of President of the Jury The 66th edition of the Cannes Film Festival is set to break new ground in […]

A Love Story / The Mythic Fragrance of Chanel N°5

N°5 Culture Chanel retraces the history of this legendary fragrance through an intimate look at the artistic and sentimental side of Coco Chanel Sensuality, solitude and sophistication are the necessary ingredients in the making of the number one perfume in the world today, Chanel N°5.  After the brutal death of her lover, Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel, […]

The World According to Karl / Karl Lagerfeld Lands in Saint Germain

The ubiquitous Karl Lagerfeld has just landed in Saint-Germain-dès-Près, with the opening of a brand new boutique dedicated to his iconic fashion world “Personality begins where comparison ends”, says the king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld.  Long live the king, for the legend of Karl Lagerfeld is far from over, as the infamous fashion designer, known […]

Hyères 2013 / The International Festival of Fashion & Photography

An avant-garde look at future fashion designers and photographers in France’s premier international festival in Hyères The 28th edition of Le Festival de Mode et de la Photographie à Hyères sees the continuation of the creative crusade led by its founder, Jean-Pierre Blanc, twenty-eight years ago.  Created as an observation deck and an international platform […]

Follow the Bouncing Ball / The Red Ball Project is Now in Paris

Follow the Red Ball Project around Paris as Bacardi Martini France invites American artist Kurt Perschke to take on the City of Lights with his giant red ball Art is all about being original and American artist Kurt Perschke has clearly found a way to make it pay.  What began as a commissioned installation for […]

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